All About Kolkata



Victoria memorial– This is by far the most well-known landmark of Calcutta and is both a museum and a monument. Built to commemorate the visit of Queen Victoria to India it Kolkata’s most precious gem. The museum is shut on Mondays. Especially recommended is the sound and light show which is at 7:15 every evening. Any cab can take you to Victoria memorial which is half an hour from campus.

St. Paul’s Cathedral– This was the first Episcopal cathedral to be erected in the eastern world. The cathedral is a magnificent piece of architecture and is open to the public. It is east of Victoria memorial, near its back entrance. It is said to be an almost exact copy of its namesake in London.

New Market– In its time it was the epitome of the modern shopping experience. the hoi polloi of Kolkata and all over India flocked to buy the coveted goods that were only available at ‘New Market’. Interestingly even though over a 100 years have passed since the construction of the market it is still ‘New’. Now, the attraction would be the gorgeous architecture which is reminiscent Colonial times. New Market and Sudder Street (which is close by) are places where you should try out the famous street food of Calcutta. This is a must-see for a full Calcutta feel especially in the winters with a fair number of quaint unassuming stores in the covered market. Walk around towards Sudder Street and Free School Street to complete your Calcutta experience. Once in New Market, a visit to the old but still scrumptious Jewish bakery – Nahoum’s is a must, their brownies and fudge have attained legend status.

Howrah Bridge– Another landmark of Calcutta which is a must see. A ride across this bridge will leave a smile on your face. It is forty five minutes from campus on an average day. More memorable are the boat rides at Princep Ghat and the night ferries at Babu Ghat.

College street – No space in all of Kolkata scream ‘intellectual ferment’ quite like college street. Its noisy, youthful and packed with book shops. This road has seen the likes of Subhash Chandra Bose, Amartya Sen and Rabindranath Tagore to name a few. To get the perfect slice of your college street experience a visit to the iconic Indian Coffee House is mandatory. This was the site of many a debate during the times of India’s freedom struggle and still has an air that makes you feel quite “debaty”. No wonder its one of our favorite places in Kolkata.


Kewpies Kitchen– Located on Elgin road. It is closed on Mondays. It’s a family run restaurant and takes home cooking to a whole new level. They specialize in traditional Bengali cuisine, especially the sort that is reserved for proper Bengali weddings so you get to sample some pretty rare stuff. The Bengali thali is a must eat. It is located on a small street that is right next to the SC Bose museum and opposite Forum Mall. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available. An average meal for 2 is INR 700.

Blue Poppy– Located right next to City Centre in Salt Lake, at Gorkha Bhawan you are sure to bump into some NUJS students at this place. It is an all time favourite. It is an inexpensive place for excellent Nepalese, Sikkimese, Bhutanese and Tibetan food. The Pork Momos with the ridiculously spicy sauce, shapta, thukpa and wilted greens will have you thanking us for posting this. Average Meal for 2 is INR 200

Mocambo– An old-style quintessential continental restaurant on Free School Street (off Park Street). This is a culinary landmark in Kolkata, which has been around since forever. It is a charming cozy place that still retains that colonial stiff upper lip attitude. The Angels on Horseback which is chicken wrapped with bacon and baked in a cheesy sauce has had NUJS students drooling since we can remember. An average meal for two is INR 800.

Taajas- It is a homely setting, with friendly service, large portions and wide ranging cuisine makes for a good meal priced around INR 600 for two. End your meal with their Mocha Gateaux. Opposite Dakshinapan Market. 35 minutes from college.

Peter Cat– Some exceptional Indian and continental dishes are served here. 18 Park Street. Do try their Chelo kebabs. Meal for 2 is about INR 350.

Golden Joy– Located in Calcutta’s famous Chinatown, Tangra it has all the elements of a delicious oriental meal. An Average meal for two is INR 600. Their Golden Fried Prawns is a must-try.

Arsalan- A one stop shop for Mughlai food in Calcutta. This is an institution of flavour that has mastered ancient recipes and is gift to the city of Kolkata. Located at Park Circus, it is 25 Minutes from campus. It is a meat lover’s paradise, you must try the shammi tikia, sheek kabab, Hyderabadi Biriyani and the Mutton Chaamp.  An average meal for two is INR 400.

Dolly’s cafe– Located in Dakshinapan market just after Dhakuria bridge, this is where you go for a good cup of Darjeeling and a lot more. Here is a little bit of trivia, Dolly Roy is India’s 1st woman tea taster and 1st woman tea auctioneer and has been a Tea ambassador for India.

Piccadilly Square– An interesting joint for crepes, waffles, pancakes, sandwiches and pita pockets. Located on Sarat Bose Road (near Minto park). It is 25 minutes from campus.

Indian Coffee House– When you step into this place, it is like you have travelled back in time. This is where all the great Independence revolutions were planned. It is still the best place to go for a nice cup of coffee. It is located on College Street and is 45 minutes from college. You must try their Mughlai Parathas and fish fingers.

Breakfast at Flurrys– Any guidebook to Calcutta will tell you to go to Flurrys on Park Street. It is an experience and we suggest you try it. 40 minutes form campus it is one of the oldest places in Calcutta that started serving continental food. Have the open swiss ham sandwich.. nothing better to start your day off… you ll need a nap of course after you re done.. like we said best way to start off your morning. Average meal for 2 is about INR 500.

Kusum Rolls– The best place for Kathi rolls in Calcutta. Located on Park street half an hour from campus.

Bar-B-Q– This is another one of those old places that continues to serve amazing Indian and Chinese food. Its always full and thats a clear statement on the quality of food, huge portions and reasonable prices. Nice place for a relaxed lunch. It is located on Park Street and a meal for two should cost you about INR 450.

Mithai– Find all your Bengali sweets on Syed Amir Ali Avenue (off park street), near Park Circus

Gangaur- Also Famous for their Mithai. Rusell Street.


Oly Pub– A typical Calcutta drinker’s do. Cheap alcohol in the heart of the city. It is Located on Park Street.

Super Pub– Located on Sudder Street, this place has inexpensive alcohol and is about 30 minutes from college.

Broadway– It’s a pub straight out of an old movie. Going there is like travelling in time. Everything is fairly priced. We recommend the Chicken Ala Kiev. It is located near the Chandni Metro Station. 30 minutes from campus.

Blue and Beyond– A charming roof top restaurant cum pub in Lindsay Hotel, New Market.

Fairlawn– A open air place for beer located on Sudder Street located in a quaint colonial hotel. It shuts at 9 so go there fairly early.

New Cathay’s– Easy on the pocket alcohol in New Market next to the Oberoi Grand. Famous for being one of the places that are open till late for a drink.

Someplace Else– A small cozy pub in The Park Hotel. They have a different band playing every day of the week.


For food:

Blue Poppy– It is our favourite for Sikkimese, Bhutanese and Tibetan Food. For delivery to Campus call +919883240326. A meal for two costs INR 300. Located 10 minutes away near City Centre 1, Sector 1, Salt Lake.

Abcos– If you can’t venture into proper Calcutta, this is a nice multi-cuisine restaurant behind Columbia Asia hospital 5 minutes from college.Average nmal for 2 is INR 300.

Ballygunge Place– traditional Bengali food average mean for two is INR 600. It is 10-15 minutes from campus. TD 31 A Sector 1 Salt Lake City (near City Centre). Ph:033-23372120

Bon appétit – It’s your place to go for a tiny meal with sandwiches, parathas, pastas and pancakes. 10-15minutes from campus Sector 1, Salt Lake.

Azad hind Dhaba– An inexpensive Indian meal relatively close to campus (10 minutes away). Average Meal for 2 is INR 300. Sector 5, Salt Lake

Afraa Deli– It has a variety of pizzas, sandwiches etc. and, a good range of teas to choose from. With a charming ambience it is located in City Centre 1, Sector 1.

Gautam’s– A place for Indian Chinese, Rolls, cold coffee and hot chocolate. 10 minutes from campus on the E M Byepass (towards the airport). Don’t expect a restaurant. It is open till the wee hours of the night. Meal for 2: INR 200.

Mani Square– The mall down the EM bypass from NUJS for a quick KFC, Subway or McDonalds. 5 minutes away.

To Drink:

Opium– 10 minutes from college. A regular pub located in Sector 5, Salt Lake. Fairly priced alcohol and decent food.

Mishra’s– Both a Wine shop and a bar. This would be the place to buy alcohol at MRP. 7 minutes from college across the Bidhannagar Police Station, near Columbia Asia Hospital.

Charnock City– Cheap Alcohol and Bengali food 5 minutes form campus before the Salt Lake Stadium.

Afraa Lounge– The place Draught beer and thin crust pizza. Situated in City Centre, Sector 1, Salt Lake. It is 10 minutes from college. This might be the only place on the list that is a little on the expensive side.

Qube– 5 minutes from Campus located in The Sojourn Hotel.